• We provide Render services for 3D Designers and CG Artists.

  • We provide Render services for 3D Designers and CG Artists.

  • We provide Render services for 3D Designers and CG Artists.


In our render farm we have combined cutting edge technology with the best rendering service that fits your needs!

The main focus of our work is to render your images and to help you with finalizing your work. That is what rendering and rend-it.com are all about. The process of rendering is very complicated and requires quite the computing power, but here you can find everything that’s needed to turn your project into a piece of art. We will do all rendering for you and in the end you will receive an amazing 3D image.


Since rend-it.com first started, it has been used by many professional computer graphics artists. All of our clients are extremely satisfied by our cutting edge 3ds render farm and the time it took to render their projects. Using our service you can rend on affordable prices and use additional discounts – check our calculator. Also, the longer you rend and the bigger your project is, the cheaper our service get. Our regular clients benefit additional discounts, which makes our service cost even lower.


The security and comfort of our clients are of utmost importance for us. That is why we have many restrictive measures to prevent third parties from having any access to your projects. Whenever you rent the farm you are the only one using it and you are the sole beneficial of our services.


We try to improve our services constantly and we count on you for letting us know for any flaws in our work. If you think that something in our service could be improved or adjusted to fit your needs better, we are open for suggestions.


If you contact us and give us information about your project (full project, including all textures etc.) we will do free estimate for your scene and we will give you approximate final price on your project costs. You need to upload your project to our secure ftp server, with private ftp account which will be configured personally for you. For much faster price estimation, you can use our render estimate calculator.


The official renders we support are all versions of Autodesk 3ds MAX (mental ray/vray). However, if you need some other render, you might send us an inquiry and we will discuss it.


There are many render farms nowadays, offering rendering services but here you will find quality, cheap, fast rendering and the most important of all – live support while your project render is in progress. That is the main reason why we are still in business – because we care for our customers and we are here to help you finalize your work before the deadline.

Supported Software

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk Maya

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