What is rend-it.com?

rend-it.com is an online render farm – site that helps CG artists render their projects.

How does it work?

All you have to do is upload your project to our server. After that we will make a free estimate render of few frames on low resolution just to make sure we can render your scene and we render it correctly. Those frames will be provided to you for evaluation and approval. Along with the rendered images you will receive an time and price estimate for fully rendering your project.

What is your hardware specification?

You will get the best cutting edge technology with the best ratio of gigahertz/performance, meaning our farm uses processors with the fastest cores available – Octa and Hexa cores CPUs with 32GB DDR3 RAM each, all connected with full gigabit connection and local RAID drive protected storage.

How much does it cost?

  • For faster approximate price please use our Render Calculator.
  • For more precise estimation, you have to upload your project to our secure FTP server. Pleas be advised that estimated price usually varies between 10% to 20% from the final price in both directions. These variations do not apply when you use the render calculator.

Is my work secure with you?

Security is our top priority. We use FTPS (secured and encrypted FTP protocol) for your uploads thus ensuring that only you will have access to your information. We will NOT share you work or output with third parties for absolutely no reason.