How MaxCloudON Sync Manager works

Our goal is to make you feel like our system is a part of your everyday workflow. That’s why we’ve created MaxCloudON Sync Manager, it will automatically copy all the input files (assets) that your projects needs from your workstation or file server to the storage we provide you (from the directories you select) so the render nodes you rent will be able to use it in the rendering process. You can also specify folder for the output to be downloaded in. Once you set the directories, and press the “Enable Sync” button, MaxCloudON Sync Manager will copy your assets to your cloud storage and on a given period of time will automatically check for new files in the this directories and will copy them on our system and then check for new files from the project’s output to download in the local folder selected by you. That way, every time you make changes in your asset folder they will be copied in the corresponding folder located on our storage the same thing applies for the output directory. This presents MaxCloudON Sync Manager’s main function – we create you identical setup with what you have locally.  By doing so, you won’t need to change assets paths before submitting anything for rendering to our render farm. MaxCloudON Sync Manager requires Windows 10 x64 to work properly.

How to download projects output


First thing you need is to navigate to the “Output” page from the menu located on the left side of the main window.
Once on the page you will see a button named “Browse” on the top of it.
When you press this button it will open a dialog window from which you will be able to choose the directory where your output files will be download in.
After you selected a folder you need to press the “Enable Sync” button located on the down left side of the page, that way the download process will be started, and you will be able to inspect the results of the rendering process afterwards.
* Same sequence of steps applies for selecting input folders process, except that  in Step 1 where you need to select “Input” page from the menu on the left .