Here is what you need to do:


Setup your VPN

Initial setup starts with VPN creation. It provides access to your nodes over encrypted connection. Our MaxCloudON Sync Manager will create that for you.

Prepare the image you need

Next step is to prepare source image on one node – install all the software you need in the manner it’s most convenient for you to use. We will provide you access to a single node of our render farm (which image is prepared up to the moment where it can work and boot on our cloud render nodes) and you’ll have to configure the rest of the software. Of course, you can provide us with your installation software and our support staff can install it for you, so you will not waste time with this step. Before image multiplication, you’ll need to check the software setup for yourself, because we simply don’t know what you have in mind. After that, your image is ready to be cloned across the render nodes you want to rent, which at the time being is a process we will do in our backend.

Choose how many nodes you will use

Here on, we give you the freedom to choose how many and the type of nodes you want to hire to finish your projects in time. You can see the list of all nodes on our pricing page. The render nodes we have configured for you, become in virtual LAN connection with your workstation. Now you can connect to each and every render node using remote desktop connection provided by our software and see what it is rendering, how it is rendering, speed of the task it is performing, time left to complete specific job, etc. You have full control over the rendering process pricing page.