Our prices are for 1 hour of use and we do not charge for Hyper-threading.


The rendering prices calculator gives just a rough estimate for your scene.

  • In “Step 1”, in the “Render time per frame on your workstation” you have to input the time, which takes a single frame(or average of frames) to render on your workstation.
  • In “Step 2”, for most precise results of the render calculator, please download Maxon Cinebench R15 which is free and evaluates your CPU.

This will evaluate how many Cinebench points your workstation has. Doing this, will guarantee you that you are getting as accurate as possible estimation for the price of your scene render.

Render Calculator

Step 1 – Your Rending Details:


Number of frames to Render


Render time per frame on your workstation
Hours                  Minutes

Important notes, please read

  • The render calculator works ONLY for multi-frame (animation) projects. You can’t estimate single frame projects.
  • All prices calculated here are an estimate. Your estimate will be as close to the real world price as accurate your input in the render calculator is.
  • The total render time of a project does not include the preparation time.
  • Minimum charge is 50$ per submit to render farm. Submit is considered each camera/scene submitted for rendering. This is the frame range sent to render farm for rendering, it may consist of 5,100,1000 or any frame count. If the final render value is below $50 you will be billed $50.

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