Terms and Conditions


Last modified: 9 June 2021



This Agreement is between Rend It (“we” or “our”) and you (“you” or your Company collectively or “Client”), who creates an account and/or uses Rend It’s Rendering Services and governs the terms and conditions of your use of Rendering Services. This Agreement, together with other supplemental documents expressly incorporated herein by reference and published from time to time by Rend It (including but not limited to: technical documentation, policies, price schedules), constitutes the entire agreement between Rend It and you regarding Rendering Services, and supersedes all prior agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. By using Rend it Services, you confirm your acceptance of and agree to be bound by, this Agreement.

1. Definition of Terms

  1. “Party” or “Parties”: means individually and indifferently the Client of Rend It, or means collectively the Client and Rend It.
  2. “Project”: means one or several scenes, occasionally accompanied with its assets, supplied by the Rend It for Rendering Services.
  3. “Rendering Services” or “Service(s)”: means any and all services provided by Rend It in the process of generating a single or multiple computer images from a scene using computer processing power.

2. Application concerning cloud rendering

  1. Our deliveries, services, and offers are exclusively made on the basis of these general terms and conditions.
  2. Terms and conditions of the customer do not apply, even if we do not separately object to their application in the individual case.
  3. With the exception of managing directors and authorized signatories, our employees are not entitled to make verbal agreements with the customer in connection with the contract which deviates from these general terms and conditions.

3. Offer and conclusion of the contract

  1. Offers and prices about the cloud rendering service contained in brochures, advertisements, and other promotional material are not binding.
  2. The customer shall be bound by an order which has not yet been accepted by us for 14 calendar days after sending. We are allowed to accept the offer within this period of time. The time when the customer receives our acceptance shall be decisive for compliance with the period.

4. Licenses

“Rend It” gives you a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable, license to use the products and software contained in or made available through the Rendering Services, solely for your own internal purposes and pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement. All rights not expressly granted by “Rend It” to you are retained. You may not:

  1. copy or use “Rend It”’s software or documentation except as permitted by this Agreement,
  2. reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble “Rend It”’s software.

5. Student Discount

  1. “Rend It” offers full-time students a discount depending on resource usage at the given moment in the Render farm. The prerequisite for receiving an academic discount is the submission of an official certificate of enrollment, signed or stamped by the university/university of Applied Science. The discount is valid until the end of the current semester and can be extended after a renewed submission of a certificate. Student IDs do not count as official certification.
  2. Lecturers are also entitled to this discount upon submission of an official certificate.
  3. The student discount is to be used exclusively for school and academic projects. Should there be any suspicion of creating commercial projects with this discount, it can be disabled at any time. The discount may not be used in conjunction with corporate accounts.
  4. “Rend It” reserves any right to deactivate the student discount at any time or to permanently deny the discount in case of violation of the Terms & Conditions.

6. Choice of language and law

  1. The contract shall be concluded in Bulgarian or English.
  2. These general terms and conditions, as well as the contractual relationship between us and the customer, shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, to the exclusion of the international uniform law, in particular, the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).